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The Ultimate Sleeping Guide


This guide is designed to get you sleeping correctly, to keep your body upright and to enhance the unwinding process with your chiropractic care. For more click the continue reading button below.

When sleeping you should:

  • Stay in one position
  • Sleep comfortably and deeply
  • Wake refreshed and free in your body

Two things are required to get your sleeping position perfect.

  1. Correct PILLOW HEIGHT

An EXCELLENT MATTRESS needs to be FIRM, FLAT and HARD. I deliberately say 'hard' because even the best mattresses will always soften over time. So, if you start with a medium it will be soft in no time.

AVOID: pillow tops, expensive/fancy beds, and salesmen gimmicks!

We recommend a mattress designed by Advanced Biostructural Correction Australasia (ABCA). This is an association of chiropractors like us who utilize ABC as their primary adjusting technique. The association has purposely designed support products to keep your body upright. Follow the link below to see the range of MATTRESSES available: http://abcaustralasia.org.au/postural-support-products/


Correct pillow height is needed to sleep well. I have never met two people who have the same body, therefore you pillow height is unique to your body on you mattress. The other major gimmick that is a misconception that your pillow should be the distance between your shoulder and ear. This sounds logical except very few people have a perfectly balance and symmetrical spine; most are twisted and forward to varying degrees. This is why pillow height is a unique for every person and can change especially when your body is correcting under regular chiropractic care.

Lying on your back = NO PILLOW

Lying on your side:

TEST = push the hip and shoulders forward and back lightly

If body rolls forward = pillow to LOW, raise pillow height

If body rolls backwards = pillow to HIGH, lower pillow height

SWEET SPOT = comfortable, body balanced/stable and 'eyes flutter' as if your body is saying 'AHHH' because it is totally supported/switched off

If you cannot get the pillow height right, no matter how many different heights you try then your mattress is the problem!

To get the correct pillow height you have 2 options:

  1. Use towels folded to get the ideal height
  2. Purchase an ABC Pillow from us and use the inserts to raise/lower your pillow height to the ideal. You will not find another pillow on the market like it. It has been specifically designed for this purpose. Available at WAVE CHIROPRACTIC for $120.00

Great pillows need to ADJUSTABLE, FLAT & FIRM. Because the body is dynamic pillow height will change and therefore having an adjustable pillow means you can always have the ideal pillow height and sleep beautifully! I find people under regular care will need to update their pillow height every 6-12 months. You will easily tell when you need to update your pillow height because you will be sleeping poorly, feel uncomfortable on waking and toss/turn all night.

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Thursday, 26 May 2022

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