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Dr Morgan Weber

Morgan Weber - Wave Chiropractic - Maroochydore Sunshine CoastOriginally from Brisbane, I was raised in a big family on a beautiful 5-acre property with lots of animals and lots of space to explore our natural surrounds. Throughout my childhood our family believed that with quality natural ingredients and the right environment our bodies will take care of themselves. 

When I was thirteen, my family began our Chiropractic journey based on the experience and advice of a close family friend. We had discovered an approach that perfectly matched our natural philosophy. After this realisation my entire family began regular chiropractic care and we all experienced the benefits. Once under chiropractic care we rarely visited the GP and if we experienced a health challenge we chose to empower our body and immune system by being adjusted. Chiropractic care remains an important part of my own healthy lifestyle. I continue to be adjusted on a regular basis and after only 15 years of care, I couldn’t imagine my life and that of my own family without Chiropractic.  

After completing high school I studied science at the University of Queensland before moving to Auckland to follow my dream of becoming a chiropractor. Five years of study later and lots of Auckland rain I graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

The more I learn about Chiropractic and the intelligence of the body to heal, repair & grow when interferences are removed from the nerve system, the more I am blown away by what it can offer and the difference it can make to each individual. I am excited to have the opportunity to share all I have learnt with you. My goal is to provide you and your family with the very best chiropractic care and an opportunity to continually evolve in health and life.

I share my story with you so that you may appreciate that Chiropractic is much more than simply a career for me. I invite you to share your experiences with me and to share these experiences with others. Life is not merely about surviving – it’s about being the best ‘YOU’ you can be!


Start being the best you can be!

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