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Advanced Bio-Structural Correction

Advanced Bio-Structural Correction (ABC) is the technique we use here at Wave. If you have never experienced an ABC adjustment then you have not seen anything like it!

Here are some of the WOW factors of an ABC adjustment:

  1. It is largely a standing adjustment
  2. Full body adjustment from head to toe - literally!
  3. Emphasis on adjusting the meninges (the wrapping around the spinal cord!)
  4. Focused on unwinding twisted bodies
  5. Powerful impact on posture

ABC is a revolutionary technique at the cutting edge of Chiropractic practice. ABC generates its positive change by correcting the things that the body cannot correct itself! When bones go out of place in a forward direction the body cannot self correct them, as it has no muscle or combination of muscles to reposition the bones, the body then becomes stuck in a forward curve. All the body can do in this situation is compensate, so it twists up. Then compensates some more, then some more until something gives! This type of forward curve physiology is carried 24/7, 365 and places tremendous stress on every organ, muscle, tissue and cell of the body. You have probably seen people with this forward curve shape moving further and further forward with more and more body problems plaguing them.

ABC works so well because it corrects the out of place bones that the body cannot, popping the body back & upright with which people immediately begin breathing, moving and feeling better.

Try this...force your body forward as much as possible, now take a big breath and notice the quality. Next, force your body upright and do the same thing. Notice the difference? Wouldn't it be nice to constantly be in this shape & feel like that all the time? ABC can help you experience this type of body - back/upright and functioning optimally. 

For more information on ABC visit https://www.abcaustralasia.org.au/what-is-abc/

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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

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