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Beef Bone Broth


5-6 x mix of organic beef marrow bones & soup bones (some joints are great to add collagen to the broth) 

3tbs apple cider vinegar 

Enough filtered water to fill your slow cooker

Optional extras - garlic, carrot, onion, celery


1. Place bones in the slow cooker and cover with apple cider & filtered water then let sit for 30mins

2. Add vegetables to add flavour, which makes it much nicer if dinking broth on its own. You can play with different additions to find your preferred flavour combination. It is not recommended to add salt as you can season for flavour when re-heating ready to consume

3. Cook on low for 36 hours

4. Top up with water periodically as needed

5. Once finished strain to remove bones/vegetables & freeze in individual portions for drinking or cooking. You will find that the bones have now become soft which means all the vitamins, minerals & nutrients (all the good stuff) have been removed from the bones & are now in your broth.

If your interested in healing your gut it is recommended to have 1 cup of bone broth before every meal to line the walls of the digestive track with a protective mucous membrane. This SEAL's the gut/bowel so it's harsh contents do not leak out into the body and wreak havoc. Depending on your health issues and history you may need to consistently continue bone broths for months to years in order to re-establish healthy gut lining & balance.


Bone broth is great! We stewed vegetables in bone broth when our kids were starting to eating solids. It is great for them to start out with a healthy mucous membrane on the gut/bowel wall in order to protect it. Not only that but broth is easily digested and full of the nutrient building blocks necessary for our kids to use in their rapid grow & develop. One observation to nurture a healthy gut is that your children will generally start with fewer more deliberately chosen foods but down the line they will happily eat a wide range of diverse food and process them well. On the other hand children who are rushed into more complex, processed 'adult type' meals will start fast with lots of different types of food then the food they will except will get narrower & narrower. Like only eating white bread, chicken & cheese for instance. This has been related to a bunch of behavioural and cognitive issues like autism, which can be read about in the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) book by Natasha Campbell-McBride in our lending library. 'You wouldn't teach your child to ride a bike by taking them to the top of the hill and sending them down!' Start slow and set a solid foundation for your child's gut so as to nurture their optimal growth, development & a lifetime of well-being. 

Bulletproof Coffee
Coconut, Cashew, Date, Apple = CCAD


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Friday, 23 April 2021

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