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Kombucha Recipe


1 SCOBY & starter tea (10% of previous batch)

7 green tea bags

7 black tea bags

Filtered water

300 grams organic raw sugar or rapadura


1. Dissolve sugar in about 1L of boiling water

2. Steep tea bags in the sugar water solution for 20 minutes 

3. Allow water to cool to room temperature

4. Remove SCOBY and place on a plate covered, so bugs don't touch it.

5. Top up vessel with filtered water and stir mix well

6. Replace the SCOBY on top

7. Cover vessel with a piece of muslin and leave to ferment for approx. 7 days. The kombucha will lose that really sweet tea taste when it is ready.

8. Second Ferment - stir the fermented tea and decant into good sealing bottles with your choice of fruit to flavour. Leave this out for 2 days to naturally carbonate then refrigerate and enjoy when cold.

9. To replicate go back to step 1 

We are loving orange and passionfruit at the moment as our second ferment flavours. Experiment and find your favourites!! Enjoy :)

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Friday, 23 April 2021

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