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Spring Clean Your Body!


This wonderful season is a time for sunshine, new life/growth, warmth & a time to recharge the body!

Make this seasonal change an opportunity to re-invigorate your health & evolve to a higher level of function! Here are some great tips & ideas to include this spring to spruce up your body, your health & your life!


Get out there is nature and absorb the patience, flow and energy that comes from connecting with the great outdoors. Use all your senses; taste, touch, sight, sound & smell. Kick your shoes off, get down in the dirt and feel it!


As many of you will know I've just completed a 21 day cleanse! So, I'm really 'hot' on detoxing at the moment! What I experienced though was profound & impressed upon me the need for our systems to clear out the garbage periodically. Even though I felt I lived very clean & only (well mostly!) put the good stuff in, I still experienced wonderful detox changes throughout my cleanse. So, even if your doing a great job their is something special about hitting the reset button to allow your body to get on top of things. Anyway, isn't this the time for spring cleaning! 

On a side note - my wife Dallen has just started a Functional Nutrition course with renowned Nutritionist Cyndi O'Meara so she will soon be able to give advice on appropriate cleanse protocols that will work for your body - keep posted for more soon.


With the warmth of the new season this is the perfect time to reaffirm fitness goals & get your butt moving! When is comes to movement 'do what you love to do'! In my experience you a more likely to follow through & make this a healthy habit rather then the constant motivation required to do something your really not into. For me I love to surf & ride my bike, you don't have to force me to do it. When considering your loved activities make sure they move all parts of your body in all natural directions.


After winter's hibernation everything in nature revives and reenergises with this new season, why not join in! Metabolism tends to shift as well so capitalise on this by activating your muscles. Direct this new energy into generative activities that raise your vibrations and in turn create more energy for you to utilise in your passions & the things you love in life.


Beyond physical detoxification, it is useful to also steer your intentions inward on the thoughts, feelings & emotions that no longer serve you. Have you ever thought about it? These are often the auto-pilot thoughts that just pop up without you even noticing & they may or may not be useful for you. First, start by noticing your thoughts then the second step is to take action to reframe these thoughts in a constructive way. An easy one, is to examine the thoughts you have around your body. Are they constructive or destructive? Talk to us during your next visit as we have an amazing tool to help shift stuck thoughts/emotions called NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique), your chiro's would love to help you breakthrough this any of this baggage holding you back! 

Image: https://1043wowcountry.com/5-ways-to-celebrate-the-start-of-spring-in-treasure-valley/  

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

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