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Imagine this scenario in your head.maxresdefault

You are out at your favourite local restaurant with friends celebrating something magical.  A birthday, an anniversary, a raise or even Friday. Everyone orders a refreshing beverage and some nibbles that match the drinks perfectly (and you didn’t even mean to pair it so perfectly). Suddenly you hear the sound of something quickly pushed to the side like it fell over. Everyone looks over and notices a 30 something male stumbling around and vomiting into the garbage bin next to the bar. He is pale, looks like he may have a beer belly and he smells awful (the person to your right may of gave you all of their food because they lost their appetite). You look over at the bartender shaking her head. She is slim in figure, has thin blonde hair, seems like she has a lot of makeup on and may be a bit clumsy. She is a similar age to the man who is making a scene in the restaurant.

Now lets make some first impressions on who is healthier.

Most people who I talk to have made the guess that the bartender is the healthier one between the two. No outwardly symptoms, one would imagine she doesn’t smell like the man and she seems to have more energy.

Now let’s add some back story to create the whole picture.

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