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The 5 Requirements of Performance

Are you wanting an edge on the competition? Are you wanting to be the best on the field? Are you looking for your child to get more out of the game? Then we are talking about increasing our performance. Now the performance we are talking is not a performance that you sit, watch and enjoy, although the best games and matches are so thrilling and exciting it is hard to tell the difference. We are talking about Athletic Performance which is defined as:

"Carrying out of specific physical routines or procedures by one who is trained or skilled in physical activity. Performance is influenced by a combination of physiological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors" (U.S. National Library of Medicine)

It is much more than just kicking a ball really well, out running the competition and being the strongest out there, it's about all parts of your body working and functioning together to create an optimal outcome. Which is also a sign of amazing health.

Athletic performance, everyday performance and health are all one and the same. We use our body for everything so it must work as well as a whole unit should. In order for our body to be working at peak performance we must be meeting these 5 requirements to ensure optimal performance and health;

  • Movement
  • Fuel
  • Mindset
  • Structure
  • Nervous System

Doing just one of these to its potential is great, and you will see benefits to your performance and health, but it will not be the optimal. I was told this many years ago by a mentor and it will always ring true: in order to live an extraordinary life, we need to be doing everything right, at the same time, for a period of time, preferably a lifetime.

So are you meeting the 5 requirements? Are your teammates? Is your family?

Take a look and fill out the checklist here. If some boxes are not ticked you will not be performing at your best.


The 5 Requirements Checklist - Health & Harmony Blog

This checklist is for you to see where are doing well and where you need some additional support in regards to your health.
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The 5 Requirement Checklist

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Saturday, 20 January 2018

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