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The 90%


Within the next month we will be hosting our Learn the Art of Sitting, Sleeping & Standing event where we will be teaching the community how to make their bodies work better in these positions. These simple yet effective protocols will help everyone function 10% better on the things we do everyday.  Yes! 10%! That’s the difference between good to great!

Wait hold up…

But that also means that it can take us from poor to average, or even bad to poor. Yes it’s an improvement, but who really wants to be average let alone bad/poor?

Not me.

“But Derek… How can I start off at good or great? How can I increase that 90%?” asks that little voice that I may or may not of made up (you thought it as well)

That is the easy bit. You need to be making sure you are taking care of the thing that controls your whole body. Your spine and nervous system!

So stop fiddling with your chair, quit fluffing your pillow and stop tying up those shoes (we can teach you those things April 14th) and start doing things that optimizes the structure and function of your body.

**Insert Chiropractic here**


Yours from the Wave,

Dr. Derek

The Magic Bullet


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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

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