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Chiropractic care for babies - Maroochydore Sunshine CoastIdeally, both babies and mums should have a chiropractic check up as soon as possible after birth. Chiropractic adjustments can assist with any spinal problems or damage caused by intrauterine constraint, abnormal positioning in the uterus and the journey through the birth canal as well as the delivery process itself. [2,3] Even under optimal conditions the birth process is potentially a very traumatic experience for the newborn. With the likelihood of damage being far greater in a delivery with high levels of intervention such as drugs, forceps, vacuum suction, and caesarean section. [2,3]

Trauma to the baby's delicate spine and nervous system can considerably impair the health and development of the child. This is particularly problematic because it is the time of greatest development of the nerve system.

In a German study authors reported examining a random group of 1258 babies within 5 days after birth with manual examination revealing spinal abnormalities in 95% of the group. The authors noted problems associated with spinal misalignment that may include breathing weakness, mood irritability, digestive disorders, difficulty with feeding and attachment, sleeping problems, immunity deficits and neurological impairment as well as distortion in head (cranial) shape. [4,5]

The saying, “as the twig bends the tree grows” is never truer! A babies spine especially the cranium is largely cartilaginous (softer). So, any spinal imbalance can be more easily corrected in this early moldable period. As the cranium and spine quickly become fused. This means uncorrected imbalance will be locked in. Because movement (especially of the spine) is required for proper brain function for the coordination of activities such as concentration and learning, emotions, motor control, and organ function (including immune organs). [6] Any spinal imbalance locked in during early development can limit movement in the system and decrease stimulation of the brain. This has been linked with central motor impairment, developmental impairments, learning disabilities, concentration problems like ADHD, behavioral problems such as violence and increased illnesses such as ear, nose, and throat infections, sleeping difficulties, and colic. [5,7] A well-balanced spine and nerve system is a crucial feature of brain development because the neural pathways formed during the early years of childhood carry signals that allow us to process information throughout our lives. [7]

Chiropractic adjustments for babies are extremely safe and gentle. The amount of force needed to restore balance to a babies spine is usually no more pressure than you would use to feel the ripeness of a piece of fruit.

Having chiropractic care to ensure the spine and nerve system are balanced, is one of the greatest gifts you can give a baby now and long into the future.

With the arrival of our first child in June 2014 we can certainly testify to that. She had her very first adjustment about an hour after delivery and slept the entire time. We continue to support her by having a regular chiropractic check-up to nurture her optimal growth and development.

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