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Are You Interested In Correcting A Health Problem?

To truly correct a problem one must deal with the underlying CAUSE!

An ache, pain, illness or dysfunction is a signal from the body telling us something is wrong. They aren't the problem! Just like a fire alarm isn’t the problem but rather a warning signal. Dealing with the pain without consideration of the underlying cause is a recipe for these pains and problems to return. ‘Band-aid’ approaches like this leave the underlying cause unaddressed, so invariably the issue will re-surface in an hour, week, or month. Whereas a corrective approach will deal with the underlying cause, resolving the problem permanently.

Over our lives we experience thousands and thousands of traumas, accidents and injuries that impact on the body. The accumulative effect of these stressors can be crippling to the body, leaving it in significantly twisted and distorted states.

We know that how well the body works depends on its structure! An upright balanced body works far better than a forward twisted body. When a body spends long enough time period forward and out of place this twisted configuration becomes 'normal', with the corresponding 'normal' aches, pains, and poor function to match.

Your body has an amazing capacity to UNWIND and HEAL these long-term underlying patterns. It is just a question of how long it will take?

To figure this out, we would need to complete a thorough work up of your case that includes personal health history, chiropractic examination, structural analysis as well as xrays. We will get to the bottom of what’s going on, how long this been the case and what we can do to help. Most people soon understand why certain areas of their body have been so problematic for long periods and other have not. This can be quite eye opening especially when we connect the dots of your problems in the context of your whole body and its structural balance. People are always blown away by the interconnectedness of their problems. Why not see for yourself?


 Ready to get back to your best?







Chiropractors work with the body in a holistic way. We work with the structure of the body (mainly the spine) and its influence on body function coordinated by the nerve system and how that relationship affects the restoration and preservation of health. Through gentle adjustments to align the spine we create a better functioning nerve system, which means clearer communication from the brain to the body and back again. All leading to a healthier, happier YOU!

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